Ordet STEDSE betyder evig eller varig og beskriver vores vision om en arkitektur der forholder sig til samtiden, bygger videre på historien og som er sine spor i fremtiden bevidst



Tinget is one of the SDG Pavilions around the City of Copenhagen, presented by the Danish Association of Architects and the UIA World Congress of Architects Copenhagen in collaboration with the City of Copenhagen and CPH City and Port Development. The SDG Pavilions will be state-of-the-art constructions showcasing Danish architecture during the World Congress, and present activities to congress guests and visitors throughout the summer to celebrate Copenhagen as the World Capital of Architecture in 2023.

Tinget is a temporary urban space using elements that explores how soil and surplus materials from the construction industry can be used as a sustainable building material that speaks to our senses.

The furniture – built in rammed earth – offers an urban space that encourages spontaneous conversations between different population groups and social strata.

The project’s name Tinget refers to the Thing sites of the past, where we gathered and discussed local matters. Today, most of these debates take place online and detached from our physical reality. As a form of “Speakers Corner”, this urban space furniture creates a framework for smaller gatherings and an open dialogue, face to face.

The project works with development and testing of a sustainable building material, and it also explores the immaterial and sensory values of soil as a material.

Through the construction workshop, the project will link new interdisciplinary partnerships across education, architecture, and construction technology.